Are You Ready to Become an Unshakeable Force-on-Fire after Narcissistic / Toxic Abuse?

Transcend your situation with the Elevate Goddess program ...

UNLEASH Your Badass after experiencing narcissistic and/or toxic abuse, whether it happened decades or days ago. The 3 month intensive Elevate Goddess RTT Hypnotherapy program works on a subconscious level to shift your 'autopilot' behaviours from suffering & symptoms to strong & resilient without the years of therapy, trials and tribulations.

Because life is too short to always be in therapy

RTT Hypnotherapy & Clinical Hypnotherapy

Forest Toime is rated as one of Australia’s top Advanced RTT Hypnotherapy practitioners. RTT Hypnotherapy is the only certified and globally acclaimed therapy that uses a multi-dimensional approach to get to the root of your personal issues in life today. A profound and positive change to the deeply ingrained thought patterns responsible for causing you to think and act in a way that causes your issues is addressed. Rapid and lasting results are achieved in just 1 to 3 highly intensive sessions. In-person & online hypnotherapy sessions are now available through the Elevate Goddess program. Forest believes that life is too short to always be in therapy.

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Tailored RTT packages to suit your aims and needs. Offering one-on-one support.


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Rated one of the Top 25 Most Popular Health & Fitness services in Melbourne, Australia. This award also places Forest Toime as one of the most popular RTT Hypnotherapists in Australia. RTT Hypnotherapy is at the forefront of development in therapy and is considered one of the most effective and rapid techniques available today, to worldwide acclaim. Services are available in-person or online, globally.

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