FAQ. Explain to Me...

Yes. RTT works for any issue with a simple, results-proven method. It is highly effective and has worked for thousands of people just like you.

Yes. If you wish to be hypnotised then you can be. It is a simple, voluntary method.

No. Hypnosis is simply a state of deep relaxation, whereby REM is activated on the way in. You are in total control, I cannot make you do anything you do not want to do. What happens is guided by you.

I ask that my clients are completely sober and have had something to eat and drink about an hour beforehand so that they are comfortable.

Yes, absolutely. As is professional, everything that happens within a session is completely confidential. Your file will be kept highly secure for three years and then destroyed.

Regression is an effective tool to uncover memories that hold the reasons for an issue. Under hypnosis, these memories will be more readily available. You will not be reliving the memories, simply reviewing them with me. You do not have to share anything you do not wish to, though you do need to let me know how a memory made you feel so that we can work with it. These feelings will be clear to you under hypnosis.

I work with children as young as 4 to adults at any age. Young children do not need to be regressed and the process is adapted to work at their level and for them.

I offer online sessions via Zoom. This can be booked here on my website and I will make the arrangements with you and send you the appropriate links and information via email.

Please contact as soon as possible to re-arrange. Be aware that a strict 24-48 hour cancellation policy is operated in line with standard practice. Please read the details of this.

This is a highly effective specialist technique. Unlike other therapies, the majority of clients will only need one appointment to make the positive change they request. On occasion and in very complex cases, the client may need up to three. With RTT you are making actual changes at the root of your issues so by comparison, in the long run, you are actually making quite significant savings by facilitating real and immediate change.

My certifications include Rapid Transformational Therapy (c.RTT), Hypnotherapy (c.Hypp), BSc Medical Physiology & Psychology (First Class, Honours). I am an accredited member of the IACT (International Association of Counsellors and Therapists) and the IICT (the International Institute for Complementary Therapists). For more information, please read About Me.

I will use a simple, scientific method to put you in a deeply relaxed, subconscious state whereby your alpha brainwaves are activated. This state can otherwise be referred to as hypnosis.

Within this subconscious state, I will then use a number of tools dependent upon what your issues and desired outcome of the session are, to start re-wiring your thoughts. Regression takes place whereby we uncover relevant memories from your past that hold the key to why you started creating the self-defeating or detrimental thoughts that have caused your problem in the first place. It is common for long buried memories from childhood to become crystal clear within the subconscious state.

Once the key to why you hold these certain, limiting beliefs has been unlocked and instrumental self realisations are made, I then use hypnosis to start re-building your thought patterns in a positive, self serving way. The hypnosis is directly relevant to revelations about what your holdbacks are, as well as what you sought to solve in the session. This is 60% of the transformation. The remaining 40% relies on you to listen to your personalised hypnosis track that I record during the session for the next 21 days and then regularly thereafter.

Usually just one session is suffice. However in complicated cases up to three sessions may be necessary.