How does Rapid Transformational Therapy work?

"Real change must happen on the subconscious level in order for a client to truly transform"

RAPID TRANSFORMATIONAL THERAPY (RTT) is a significant development in therapeutic approaches because real change must happen on the subconscious level in order for a client to truly transform. RTT uses hypnosis as an inroad to your deeper self, then makes changes on this level using a toolbox of transformative therapeutic techniques. Whilst a client may have a conscious desire, such as to loose weight, the subconscious holds strong, ingrained emotional reasons to keep weight on. This conflict of interest causes personal issues to arise.


A client might find they can never permanently reduce their weight, no matter what they do. Under hypnosis, it is revealed that a series of significant experiences led the client to believe that it was important to be ‘big’ in order to survive, or that their weight served an important function for them such as to repel male attention which had previously scared or traumatised them. The keyword here is ‘big’ because our primal, subconscious mind takes commands literally. Whilst these strong, embedded beliefs may have formed to serve a strong purpose, they are no longer useful to the client in achieving their conscious goal to be skinny. Rapid Transformational Therapy negotiates with the subconscious using a combination of tools, depending on the client goal and varying individualities, to aid the client in making key self realisations that helps them to let go and move forward. Hypnosis then solidifies new, self-serving beliefs that the subconscious mind can then use to re-shape itself in a beneficial way.

Essentially, new neural pathways are formed that correctly align the client to their goal. The result is that real, lasting change happens.


I will use a simple, scientific method to put you in a deeply relaxed, subconscious state whereby your alpha brainwaves are activated. This state can otherwise be referred to as hypnosis.

Within this subconscious state, I will then use a number of tools dependent upon what your issues and desired outcome of the session are, to start re-wiring your thoughts. Usually regression takes place whereby we uncover relevant memories from your past that hold the key to why you started creating the self-defeating or detrimental thoughts that have caused your problem in the first place. It is common for long buried memories from childhood to become crystal clear within the subconscious state.

Once the key to why you hold these certain, limiting beliefs has been unlocked and instrumental self realisations are made, I then use hypnosis to start re-building your thought patterns in a positive, self serving way. The hypnosis is directly relevant to revelations about what your holdbacks are, as well as what you sought to solve in the session. This is 60% of the transformation. The remaining 40% relies on you to listen to your personalised hypnosis track that I record during the session for the next 21 days and then regularly thereafter.

Usually just one session is suffice. However in complicated cases up to three sessions may be necessary.


RTT was developed by world-renowned therapist Marisa Peer. Marisa is famous for being able to diagnose the root cause of any issue and then positively transform her client in 90 minutes.  Her unique and highly effective model combines therapeutic techniques under hypnosis to make changes to the client’s mind and thought-processes on a subconscious level. The highly effective technique originated from principles and approaches used in hypnotherapy.

Marisa Peer started teaching the technique she honed in over 30 years of her acclaimed career in 2016.

I am privileged to have trained intensively under her direct guidance in Los Angeles, USA. For more on my certifications and experience, please read here