The Elevate Goddess Program

Are you stuck in a cycle of symptoms and personal issues after suffering narcissistic / toxic abuse?

You might suffer a myriad of personal issues due to:

  • a narcissist mother or father
  • toxic family members in childhood
  • narcissistic, controlling, toxic or abusive partner
  • career issues (toxic colleague or boss)
  • childhood trauma
  • domestic / family violence.

As a result of prolonged life stress associated with these situations…

How many symptoms do you have?

  • Low Self Esteem
  • ​Confidence issues
  • ​Social anxiety / paranoia
  • ​Trust issues
  • ​Low energy
  • ​Low mood
  • ​Brain fog / memory problems
  • ​Rumination on past events (relating to the past relationship or abuser)
  • ​Overthinking or suppression / numbing out
  • ​Overly focused on the past toxic relationship / abuser
  • ​Difficulty accepting that abuse took place and idealising the abuser
  • ​Depression and/or anxiety symptoms
  • Sleep Issues
  • Playing life ‘small’
  • Fears and obstacles come up if try to change life
  • ​Neglect self needs
  • ​Living in a state of stress
  • Struggle to parent from an empowered place
  • ​Financial stress or issues
  • ​Struggle to reach goals, or reach goals with a lot of stress
  • ​Addictions and / or eating issues
  • ​A lot of problems
  • ‘Hanging in there’ unsupported
  • ​​Describe self as an ’empath’
  • ​​Loss of your ‘spark’ for life
  • ​Easily triggered
  • ​​PTSD / c-PTSD symptoms

Whether you experienced adversity and abuse growing up or in adult life, the Elevate Goddess program has been specially designed for women to work intensively on the subconscious mind to systematically deal with therapeutic issues that have resulted due to the prolonged stress of narcissistic and toxic people in your life.

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