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  • Why use Easy, Natural Birth?
  • What shift in mindset will I experience?
  • Your chances of having an easy, natural birth are greatly increased when you are in the right mindset.  To do this, you need to erase and eradicate any negative beliefs that you may have about labour and birth. You are likely to have received ideas about birth being 'extremely painful', 'scary', 'deforming' through media, TV, films, friends and family regularly throughout your lifetime. Unfortunately, these negative beliefs actually cause your body to react in unhelpful ways during labour, which in itself causes birthing issues.

    This hypnosis track has been specially designed to convince your mind to be calm and at peace when you go in to labour, locking on to new rational ideas based on science, physiology and your innate body wisdom.

  • The Easy, Natural Birth mp3 uses hypnosis to make your mind:

    Erase any previous fears you have picked up along the way about giving birth. These can be longstanding, numerous and ingrained somewhere deep down you haven't even realised exists.

    Realise that taking painkillers numb your body from being able to use it's innate wisdom to safely guide a smooth birth as well as drug your baby. A drugged baby is unable to be active the birth and alert to properly latch and breastfeed when born (an important first function)

    Realise that taking painkillers can actually interfere with your body's own natural painkillers - beta-endorphins and oxytocin - which should flush through your body during labour in a major way. 

    Accept that being scared during labour activates your fight-or-flight response, meaning that blood is drained away from your vaginal canal to the call of your vital organs. The result is that labour can be unnecessarily delayed, wearing both you and your baby out and elevating stress as well as making trying to give birth with no blood flow 'down there' extremely painful. In this state, you are more liable to experiencing physical damage.

    Understand that heightened stress means raised cortisol levels in both you and your baby. Studies show that mothers who are highly stressed during labour have newborn babies with elevated cortisol levels in their blood also up to 8 weeks postpartum. 

    Know that the 'pain' is the sensation like or even the same as menstrual cramps and mild lower back discomfort. I've had menstrual cramps far more intense than labour.

    Know that with a confident mindset during birth, simply allowing your body to go in to it's primal state and flowing with the process, you will greatly increase your chances of having a normal, natural, easy birth

    Create strong visualisations based on the physiology of birth and birthing wisdom will help safely guide you