Hypnotherapy for Binge Eating

5 subconscious reasons binge eating became a habit you haven’t been able to break

( and common issues to be aware of as a parent so you don’t perpetuate the cycle of negative eating habits )

RTT Hypnotherapy can be an effective approach to treating binge eating, problematic eating, addictive eating and bulimia issues. You can get the right hypnosis treatment either online by Zoom or in my office in Melbourne, Australia. Hypnotherapy for weight and food problems works because these destructive eating habits aren’t occurring at a ‘conscious’ level.

Binge eating issues are extremely difficult to change with any ‘willpower’ method such as diets, planning, exercise regimes and controlling availability of specific foods because out-of-control eating occurs out of subconscious habit. This means that there are deeply rooted thought patterns that have been established over a long period time, originating through childhood experiences in childhood, that are driving the behaviour.

If you go in to ‘autopilot’ mode and binge eat, the feeling is out-of-control. Sufferers report feeling disempowered, overwhelmed, frustrated and even scared by their strange and inexplicable behaviours that are going against the healthy eating resolves they’ve made. This autopilot, or subconscious, binge eating habit indicates that you have historic issues with food. The thought patterns that are driving your subsequent self sabotaging eating habits were established in childhood.

Here are 5 common subconscious reasons for binge eating issues (including food addictions and bulimia) that I see regularly in hypnotherapy practice:

  1. Experiencing control over food and mealtimes in childhood
  2. Getting little choice or empowerment over food options in childhood
  3. Resorting to secret eating & stealing desired foods eg. sweets, because they were rarely allowed otherwise
  4. Associating specific positive emotions with binge foods through repeat experiences. Eg. being given ice cream or lollies when you felt sad as a child to cheer you up
  5. Experiencing negative feelings eg. shame, if caught eating ‘restricted’ foods


If you are a parent, it’s so important to break any toxic concepts that you might have over food so that your children can feel empowered over their food choices. Like any adult would feel, when children feel controlled over food it’s a disempowering and even maddening experience.  Understanding how associations with food can become toxic and cause issues in adulthood is the first step to breaking the cycle.


If you suffer food addiction such as sugar addiction, binge eating, secret eating, bulimia, weight issues or any other self sabotaging eating habit and want to overcome it using my RTT Hypnotherapy process, fill out a free consultation form to arrange a call with Forest to discuss your issues and how RTT Hypnotherapy can work for you or send an enquiry email to hello@forestt.com.au


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